fleshly harvested organic Elephant Garlic Allium ampeloprasum at summer kitchen garden allotment.
How To Prevent Garlic From Turning That Concerning
Green Color
By Angel Albring
If you want to make sure your garlic doesn’t turn green, you should prep it properly before cooking, change how and when you cook it, and switch up the ingredients you cook with it.
You should first store your garlic in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Exposure to light and moisture can increase the likelihood of discoloration.
You can blanche the garlic in boiling water for a few seconds before cooking it, which can inactivate the enzymes responsible for the color change.
Garlic is more likely to turn green when cooked in an acidic environment, so you should avoid adding ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar.
Avoid cooking onions and garlic together because both have sulfur compounds. When they are mixed, their compounds react to each other to form blue or green pigments in the garlic.
Garlic is more likely to turn green when cooked for long periods at high temperatures, so you should cook it briefly over low to medium heat.
The enzymes that make garlic change color are more active at the beginning of the cooking process, so adding garlic toward the end of cooking prevents it from turning green.