Set of fresh whole and cut lime and slices isolated on white background. From top view
How To Pick Out The Best Limes From The Grocery Store (And Why It's All About The Color)
By Kaliga Rice
When people think of limes, they usually picture a bright green fruit. While this vibrant green color is an accurate description, limes can actually be a few different hues, most notably yellow and different shades of green.
Green limes are unripe, whereas yellow limes signify that they are in their final stages of ripening. The best kind of limes to buy are the pale green, almost yellow ones, which have a higher liquid content and are better for juicing.
Pale limes are also sweeter than darker limes, as the maturing process allows for the development of natural sugars. When it comes to texture, the limes with the most juice are the smooth, thin skin kind such as Mexican limes.