Blueberries ready for picking
How You Should Pick Out Blueberries For The Best Quality
By Lori McCall
The best blueberries should be bluish-purple to almost black in color. Look for a uniform hue among your selection, without partially green or white stowaways.
The ideal berry has a plump, firm exterior and won't bruise under gentle pressure. However, a dusty gray coating on dry berries is a natural occurrence, not a sign of poor quality.
Finally, check carefully for any signs of mushiness or mold. Blueberries are fragile, so one moldy berry can ruin the whole container in just a day or two.
Blueberries have a short growing season in many parts of the U.S., so off-season blueberries are likely imported from afar and have already lost some nutritional value.
Frozen foods, on the other hand, are usually frozen within hours of being picked, so nutritional losses are minimal. However, they often become mushy after thawing.