Small frozen pizza semi-finished product with tomato sause and cheese on grill prepared for baking. High angle view. High quality photo
How To Make Your Frozen Pizza Crust Pop With Flavor
By Julia Mullaney
Frozen pizza is a lifesaver on nights when you aren't interested in cooking, but it's often less satisfying than bringing home a freshly cooked pizza. However, there are ways to enhance a frozen pizza’s flavor, and it all starts with the crust.
Max Hardy, owner of pizzerias Coop Detroit and Jed's Detroit, states "I'd highly recommend using homemade garlic butter on frozen pizza. Drizzle the melted butter around the crust before or after baking." To take things further, you can add seasonings like sea salt, dried oregano, or garlic powder to the crust and allow them to bake into it as it cooks.
Another trick you can try is poking holes in the crust's bottom before cooking it; this frees the steam, which helps keep the pizza crispy. For the ultimate custom-made frozen pizza, buy a basic cheese pizza and add fresh pizza toppings.