A glass of Cortado coffee
How To Make A Cortado At Home Without An Espresso Machine
By Camryn Teder
There are many ways to enjoy your cup of joe at home, but if you want to try something new and milky, you can try the simple cortado, which is equal parts espresso and steamed milk. The great thing about cortado is that you can simply make it at home even without an espresso machine.
Co-founder of Coffee Project New York, Kaleena Teoh, says that "specialty brand instant crystallized coffee" can give you the espresso you desire without all the hassle. Simply add a little bit of water to the coffee until it reaches your desired espresso shot level, then turn it into a cortado by using a handheld milk frother and adding equal parts milk to your espresso shot.
"The beauty of the cortado is how the milk cuts the bitterness of the espresso while still allowing the flavors to shine," Teoh said. If instant coffee is not your style, or if you want to enhance your at-home espresso or, in turn, your cortado, you can invest in a simple French press, moka pot, or splurge on an espresso machine.