How To Cook Mushrooms Without Getting Them Too Soggy
By Carly Weaver
Mushrooms provide an earthy, savory, umami-like flavor, but because they are high in moisture, they risk becoming soggy if
they are not cooked right.
The trick to making sure your mushrooms taste delicious is to caramelize and crisp them up rather than steam and soften them into a mushy texture.
Roasting them at a high temperature of 450 F for around 20 minutes will produce golden brown mushrooms that are crispy on the outside yet still tender on the inside.
Sauteeing your mushrooms on the other hand will create a delicious caramelization, but remember to let them cook and crisp in the pan on their own first over medium-high heat.
Mushrooms have a lot of liquid to release once they start cooking, so rather than sauté them in oil or butter immediately, a good tip is to dry sauté first.
Dry sautéing will brown the mushrooms and enhance their flavors, while allowing their moisture to escape so they don't become mushy.