Someone pouring dressing over a mixed greens salad on a blue wooden table
How To Choose The Best Salad Dressing For Different Types Of Greens
By Sarah Richter
As all lettuce varietals have their own unique taste, texture, and color, some greens can stand up to more robust dressings, while others require a more delicate approach.
Salad dressing should enhance the flavor of the lettuce while complementing its texture, and how it is prepared can also determine the best one to use.
Iceberg lettuce's stiff texture and mild flavor can take on many dressings, from creamy blue cheese and Thousand Island to fragrant flavors, like a sesame and ginger dressing.
Tangy options like balsamic and apple cider vinaigrette also play nicely off Icebergs's refreshing flavor, and you won’t be disappointed when serving it with an Italian dressing.
Romaine lettuce has a nuanced texture and flavor and is traditionally paired with Caesar dressing, but it can also taste divine with a Dijon vinegarette or parmesan dressing.
As spinach wilts easily, toss it in a savory, hot bacon dressing or stick with a light dressing that won't weigh down the delicate leaves, like a vinaigrette or poppyseed dressing.