Grilled swordfish with rosemary and courgettes
How To Choose Swordfish Steaks For The Best Grilling Results
By Nick Johnson
Despite its intimidating name, swordfish is an incredibly mild, firm-textured white fish that holds up well on the grill. A thick-cut swordfish filet is a perfect steak substitute.
Swordfish can be eaten raw and gets incredibly dry when overcooked. A thick cut allows the steak to maintain an ideal internal temperature of around 130 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.
To ensure a flavorful filet, a one-inch-thick swordfish steak has enough mass to withstand a solid sear without drying out or crumbling before you can finish cooking it.
Swordfish has an off-white hue and red streaks configured in a tightly-packed swirl. If the streaks have started turning brown, it's a sign that the fish has gone bad.
You can choose between a swordfish steak with the skin attached or not. Swordfish can be cooked with the skin intact, but it will leak a fishy flavor and remain tough.