COPENHAGEN /DENMARK- British restaurant magazine name Noma restaurant Worldest best resataurant and people view the manu and srounding the Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen and best among 50 listen restaurants 29 April 2014 (Photo by Francis Dean/Deanpictures) (Photo by Francis Dean/Corbis via Getty Images)
How Noma Changed The Way Diners Interact With Chefs
By Camryn Teder
The multi-course Michelin-starred restaurant Noma, led by chef patron Rene Redzepi, revolutionized much of the fine dining industry with its unique dishes, such as celeriac shawarma and grilled reindeer heart. The iconic restaurant is closing after almost 20 years, leaving behind long-lasting influences, one of which is the way diners interact with chefs.
Noma and chef-patron Rene Redzepi brought chefs out of the kitchen and into the dining room, a revolutionary concept in 2003 that has become a beloved practice today. The restaurant cultivated an open space for culinary lovers by enabling chefs to bring their creations directly to guests, leaving a lasting impression on chefs around the globe.
This change has allowed chefs to see the influence of their creations on guests and enabled patrons to experience the chef's passion right in front of them. Chef patron Richard Bainbridge explained this best in a statement to The Caterer, saying, “No one has more passion for the food the customer is about to eat than the person who has cooked it.”