How Much Time Do You Have To Cook A Turkey After It's Thawed?
By Ashley Reut
Everyone gets ready for Thanksgiving differently — some prepare a few items days in advance and some wake up super early on Thanksgiving day, working countless hours crafting a feast. However, if you're on the ball, you've got your frozen turkey thawed and ready to go by the night before or the morning of the holiday.
However, if you accidentally put your turkey in the fridge or your freezer broke and you had to thaw it ahead of time, you've only got a few days to use that thawed bird. The USDA says you should follow the "best by" date on the packaging and plan to cook your turkey within just a few days after purchasing.
According to the famous Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, you have up to four days to safely cook your bird after it's been thawed. With that in mind, it's probably time to start planning your holiday meal and drawing up a loose schedule for prepping, cooking, and, of course, devouring.