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How Much Nutmeg Does It Take To Cause Hallucinations?
By Elias Nash
Most of the food-drug scandals you hear about are complete hoaxes, but there is something in your spice cabinet that can make you hallucinate: nutmeg. Nutmeg-induced hallucinations are more dangerous than you'd think, but thankfully, it takes way more than any recipe would call for.
The key to nutmeg's hallucinogenic effects lies in a chemical called myristicin, which affects the central nervous system in ways that closely mimic familiar recreational drugs. However, myristicin is powerfully anxiogenic, meaning it causes severe anxiety, and people who ingest nutmeg to get high consistently report feelings of extreme fear and impending doom.
It takes at least five grams of powdered nutmeg to present any intoxicating effects and about 10-15 grams to cause severe hallucinations. The odds of you accidentally ingesting an intoxicating amount of nutmeg are next to nil, considering that most recipes call for between ¼ and ½ teaspoons of the spice, which would amount to even less per serving.