This photograph taken on November 15, 2022 shows breads displayed at the organic Racynes bakery in Boulogne-Billancourt, outside Paris. (Photo by STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP) (Photo by STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP via Getty Images)
How Much A Loaf Of The Most Expensive Bread In The World Actually Costs
By Stacie Adams
Madrid Metropolitan tells the story of the Pan Pina bakery, which is found in the village of Algatocin, in the province of Malaga, Spain. A staple of the community for nearly eight decades, this bakery is known for its motto “bread without rush,” which highlights its dedication to quality baked goods made with the finest ingredients.
In 2016, Pan Pina’s baker Juan Manuel Moreno was inspired to create a luxury loaf upon learning the world's most expensive coffee was available in the nearby city of Marbella. He also knew that the region was known for its many wealthy residents and visitors, so when he combined edible gold with hulled wheat to produce a loaf that cost $124.54 (€117), he had buyers.
Moreno then added edible silver, which bumped the price up to $204.37 (€192), and gold and silver flakes increased the price tag to $1,575.39 (€1,480). However, if you are craving some of Pan Pina’s luxurious bread, you will have to pay the town of Algatocin a visit because it’s not available on the bakery’s website.