Tallboy can of Samuel Adams beer in hand over blurred background
How Many Canned Beers Are In Those Well-Known Tallboy Cans?
By Julia Mullaney
Big beer cans, known as "tallboys," are now widely available at stadiums or liquor stores. They hold a pint of beer or 16 ounces.
A standard beer can holds 12 ounces, and a tallboy adds an extra ⅓ of a standard-sized can. So, a tallboy holds 1 ⅓ traditional beer cans.
While tallboys were once a way for craft breweries to distinguish their products as high-end, major brewing companies have also jumped on the tallboy bandwagon.
They traditionally come in packs of four, but most liquor stores sell them as single beers in the refrigerator section, making them an easy "grab and go" option.