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How Long Will Leftover Pizza Stay Fresh?
By Cynthia Anaya
Pizza always tastes best when it's fresh from the oven, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the leftovers, too. Leftovers mean you don't have to cook, wash any dishes, or wonder what you're having for lunch the next day.
Leftover food can be safely eaten for up to four days, assuming it's stored properly, so remember to keep your fridge at or below 40 degrees. After day four, be sure to toss the leftovers to avoid any food poisoning risk — or you can store it in the freezer to make it last longer.
The way you store your leftover pizza is important, as you want to keep it as fresh as possible. Cardboard boxes and paper plates can dehydrate the pizza, so you should store leftovers in an airtight bag or container.