Piece of Tiramisu with bitten angle and dirty spoon on black plate white background
How Long To Let Tiramisu Rest For Optimal Flavor
By Crystal Antonace
A no-bake dessert consisting of lady finger cookies dipped in coffee-based syrup and a custard made of eggs, sugar, heavy whipping cream, and mascarpone cheese, tiramisu can be simple to prepare. Once it’s all assembled, though, there’s a very important step — giving tiramisu the required time to rest so the layers can meld together.
Any guide to tiramisu will tell you that the dessert needs plenty of time to chill in the refrigerator, in order for the ladyfinger cookies to properly soak up excess moisture from the coffee-infused syrup. This will ultimately lead to the moist espresso-flavored biscuits transforming into cake-like layers among rich blankets of cheese-based custard.
While a minimum of four hours of refrigeration will allow the ladyfingers to soak, try and wait 24 hours. This will allow your doused ladyfingers to absorb all the excess syrup, and your whipped egg yolks, sugar, and mascarpone cheese mixture will have enough time to set into a sliceable dessert.