A still life that imitates the fountains in some gardens of the well-known chocolate fountains that are served in children's celebrations. The color of the rich food descending from spoon to spoon enhances its healthy nature.
How Long Homemade Simple Syrup Will Last In The Fridge (And The Freezer)
By Betsy Parks
It’s important to ensure you’ve stocked your home bar with the main essentials, and simple syrup is a classic ingredient for an endless list of drinks. You make your own by combining plenty of plain white sugar and hot water to make a large batch, but just be sure you store it properly in either the fridge or freezer to prevent mold from growing.
If not mixed in with any perishable flavors, simple syrup can last up to a month in the fridge in an airtight container or at least two weeks if made with juice. Freezing simple syrup can keep it good for up to three months, as long as you store it in plastic instead of glass and pull it out 24 hours before use so it can properly thaw. 
Don’t be afraid to experiment with herbs, fruits, or other flavorings for different flavors, especially since they can be used for other drinks such as coffee or alcohol-free refreshers. Just be sure to label and date the containers with a piece of tape and a pen so that you know how old each syrup is getting, and toss them out after two weeks or so.