Brown sugar is flowing in wooden bowl which is on plank with red background
How Long Can You Expect Brown Sugar
To Stay Soft?
By Alli Neal
Stored correctly, brown sugar will stay soft and fluffy for up to two years: airtight, cool, dark, and dry, but never in the refrigerator. Left improperly sealed, it will start drying out immediately and, depending on the humidity levels in your kitchen, take very little time to start bricking.
If you want to keep your brown sugar good for that long, move it to an airtight canister or reusable zip-top bag. While it is a pain to rehome your brown sugar from the bag it came in, it's way less annoying than buying a new box of brown sugar every time you need to use it.
If your brown sugar has already gone hard, you can fix it with a sugar saver, which is a piece of terra cotta that you soak in water and then place in an airtight container. Terra cotta is incredibly porous, and it evaporates water at a slow, measured rate
to rehydrate your sugar.