Air fryer up close and isolated on white background
How Food Companies Are Capitalizing On The Trendiness Of Air Fryers
By Julia Mullaney
In 2022, ReportLinker released a study showing air fryers' anticipated growth through the years, citing "increasing health awareness, changing lifestyle, and increasing obesity rates" as several reasons people are more interested in air-fried foods. Now, as grocery prices rise, major food companies are shaping their products around the air fryer boom as well.
Food brands are getting into the minds of consumers and releasing more air fryer-focused foods. Kettle Foods, owned by Campbell Soup Company and known for popularizing kettle-cooked chips, recently released a new line of air-fried potato chips in three flavors: Sea Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeño, and Himalayan Salt.
DiGiorno and Stouffer's, both owned by Nestle, have launched air fryer pizza bites, while Tyson Foods now has air-fried chicken, too. "It's the biggest trend that we're seeing right now in modern cooking," Adam Graves, the president of the pizza and snacking division at Nestle U.S., told CNBC.