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How Bottled Water Can Amplify The Body And Flavor Of Coffee
By Angel Albring
At home, you may get used to the tap water or even have a filter to help improve your water's taste and quality. However, when you're traveling, the water can taste different and may not be filtered, so it's a good idea to use bottled water to improve the taste and quality of your coffee.
Manuel Barsallo, founder of Coffeetologist Coffee Company and co-founder of ​​Cruce Coffee Company, said that excess chloride or calcium in tap water could impact your coffee's taste, so he suggests using bottled water to make your coffee, especially when traveling. If possible, try using bottled water with higher amounts of magnesium to improve the sweetness of the coffee, too.
Tyler Mountain Water says that bottled water improves the flavor and consistency of coffee, specifically because the quality and mineral content of tap water will vary from each area — even from day to day in the same region. To achieve flavor consistency with your coffee, using bottled water at home or while traveling is an excellent option if you don't have a filtration system.