"Kent, United States - February 26, 2012: Tall Starbucks Coffee Cup.  A cup shot on a white background.  This is a tall size which is the smallest."
Hot Tea Is Starbucks' Lowest Value Drink. Here's How To Make It Worth It
By Camryn Teder
While other drinks require a bit more elbow grease to prepare, hot tea remains as simple at Starbucks as anywhere else — you just need a little hot water and a tea bag. That’s why hot tea is Starbucks’ lowest-value drink, but there are ways to make this humble drink worth the cost.
You can upgrade tea at home by adding honey and lemon, or you can boil tea in a pot with fruit juices like hibiscus or raspberry for some heightened flavors. Spice up green tea by adding cinnamon and ginger into a slow cooker pot, then letting it brew low and slow for a few hours.
The basic makeup of Starbucks’ hot tea means it’s not always worth ordering, but there is a caveat. Starbucks offers free refills on hot teas purchased during the same visit if you buy with a Starbucks card or app, so if you stick around, you can get a few teas for the price of one.