Vertical cannelloni tubes in white enamel bowl
Honeycomb Pasta: The TikTok Dish That Is Just As Strange As It Sounds
By Lauren Wood
TikToker Anna Rothfuss is no stranger to unconventionality, as her "Italian" dishes are unusual — especially her honeycomb pasta.
Rothfuss posted the dish in 2021, and the video has since garnered over 17 million views for its intricate beehive-like design.
In the video, she inserts mozzarella sticks into vertical rigatoni noodles before layering them with sauce, beef, and more cheese.
The dish is baked and served like a pie. It doesn't fall apart or become overly crispy because the rigatoni noodles are glued together by the disproportionate amount of cheese.
The inclusion of cheese sticks and lack of spices and seasoning upset some viewers with Italian ties. TikToker Cody Jarrett said, "My Italian grandmother is spinning in her grave."
However, some were grateful for the budget-friendly recipe that's great for kids and easy to make. If you don't have a springform pan, forgo the circular shape and use a bread pan.