grilled cheese sandwich on gray concrete background
Here's Why Your Grilled Cheese
Is Soggy
By Elaina Friedman
There's no shortage of recipes that claim to yield the best grilled cheese, but soggy bread is just enough to spoil the deliciousness of your homemade sandwich. Fortunately, there’s a little trick to ensure perfect crispy bread that will hold up to copious amounts of cheese and other fillings.
To avoid a soggy mess when whipping up a grilled cheese sandwich, try giving your bread a quick minute in the toaster before letting it hit the skillet. Blue Apron says that a little basking time in the toaster "will help your bread develop the golden edges and luscious crisp."
However, don’t let your pre-toast go too far, lest you burn the bread in the skillet. We suggest Kraft singles for the most glorious cheese pull, as the emulsifying ingredients in the cheese product prevent it from separating when heated, making for a cohesive yet gooey bite.
Chef Alissa Fitzgerald’s grilled cheese secrets include choosing crusty bread with a "tight crumb" to avoid sogginess, but you can also use pillowy milk bread as Eric Kim does in his recipe. Fitzgerald also suggests offsetting the richness of the sandwich by adding spicy and/or pickled ingredients.