Mushroom risotto with herbs
Here's Why Vanilla Extract Is A Game-Changing Substitute In Risotto
By Linda Larsen
Most risotto is made with white wine for its deep and rich floral flavor, but not all the alcohol cooks out of the wine while cooking risotto. Many white wines have a vanilla undertone, thanks to aging in oak barrels, so if you are out of wine, or don't want to consume alcohol, try adding vanilla to your risotto instead.
According to the McCormick Science Institute, the flavor and aroma of vanilla are described as floral, similar to rum, and perfume-like, making vanilla comparable to wine's deep and rich floral flavor. Apart from vanilla extract, you can also add a concentrated vanilla paste or vanilla pods containing little seeds with tons of flavor to your risotto.
To prepare your risotto, you'll need short-grain arborio rice, another liquid to substitute the wine (like chicken or vegetable stock or water), and the best vanilla extract or paste you can afford — do not substitute artificial vanilla extract. Start by adding about a teaspoon to your risotto and taste it to see what you think.