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Here's Why It Pays To Shop At A Farmer's Market At The End Of The Day
By David Tran
Those tired of rising grocery store prices should consider bringing their business to a farmer's market instead. Farmer's markets can be found all over the country, and although they've gained a reputation for being expensive and exclusive, they are actually a great place to find locally sourced produce at fair prices — especially if you shop at the end of the day.
Waiting to head to the farmer's market closer to closing can save you up to 80% since vendors typically mark down their produce in hopes it will sell. Farmer's markets are also the ideal place to get organic produce, no matter the time of day, as it costs up to 40% cheaper than it would at the grocery store.
Farmer's markets are the place to find the freshest, healthiest, and ripest produce, as the fruits and vegetables sold at farmers' markets are usually picked during the peak of the growing season when nutritional values are at their highest. As a bonus, you'll support local small businesses and farms by shopping at farmer's markets, making it a win-win for everyone.