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Here's Why It Pays To Buy A Second Bowl For Your Stand Mixer
By Chris Day
Very few small appliances can be considered essential kitchen tools as much as the stand mixer, but it can be hard to justify the cost of its attachments. If you've ever considered investing in a second bowl for your mixer but are concerned about the extra cost, we may be able to help you justify the purchase.
There are many benefits to having a second bowl available, especially if you spend a lot of time baking. With multiple bowls, you can mix wet and dry ingredients separately before combining, easily make different cookie doughs, whip egg whites to add to the batter in another bowl, or let bread dough rise in one bowl while using the other.
Instead of buying a bowl identical to the one you already own, try a bowl with a handle or a spout if yours doesn't have one, or choose glass if yours is stainless steel. Most stand mixers come with a 5- or 7-quart bowl, so consider buying a 3-quart or multi-purpose bread bowl that allows you to mix, cover, bake, and serve bread using a specially designed lid.