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Here's Why 350 Degrees Fahrenheit Is Always The Suggested Temperature
For Baking
By Crystal Antonace
Chances are, if you're throwing a random cookie recipe or even a sheet pan vanilla cake recipe in the oven on a whim, you'll set the baking temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason this number became ubiquitous in baking lies in the science behind baking.
When we look at the science at play, protein and sugar start reacting at around 285 degrees Fahrenheit and caramelization at 320. These two chemical reactions not only change the appearance of food but also develop the complexity of flavors.
Baking at 350 degrees ensures that all the necessary chemical reactions will take place. Another reason this number continues to serve as a reliable baseline for bakers is that the moderate temperature cooks slowly enough to allow for plenty of wiggle room.