Outside view of a Trader Joe's
Here's What You Should Buy On Your First Trip To Trader Joe's
By Kristen Ordonez
Across all locations, Trader Joe’s has beautiful flower selections, which are typically stationed close to the entrance of the store.
The floral section is full of bouquets and single stems, but stores are able to accommodate a large order if they are notified at least three weeks in advance.
Orange Mandarin Chicken
The Orange Mandarin Chicken entrée from Trader Joe’s is beloved because of how easy it is to make, and it uses orange juice as opposed to the more Americanized orange peel.
Brand leaders and staff recommend baking the chicken in the oven first, then adding the sauce at the end to caramelize the sweet, tangy coating with the heat of the crispy chicken.
Creamy Tomato Soup
Trader Joe’s has a delicious boxed version of Organic Tomato Soup that is easy to make and lacks any metallic flavor usually associated with canned soup.
TJ's version includes rice flour instead of wheat, making it gluten-free, unlike other popular brand-name versions, including Campbell’s.
Frozen Garlic Naan
Frozen Garlic Naan from Trader Joe’s is less than $5 a package and contains four pieces, making each naan cheaper than most takeout joints.
Its texture is pillowy and soft, but not too thick, which allows the bread to crisp up slightly in the oven and still remain flexible enough to fold up.
Frozen Rice
The Organic Jasmine Rice and Brown Rice both come frozen and are precooked, so they’re quick to heat up in the microwave.
Both kinds come in three 10-oz bags, which make them perfect for meal prepping, but can also be used to accompany leftovers, thrown into soups, or mixed with cheese and seasonings.