Ground Beef is for sale December 18, 2014, at  Eastern Market in Washington, DC.     AFP PHOTO/PAUL J. RICHARDS        (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)
Here's What To Ask The Butcher At Costco For Cheaper Ground Beef
By Brianna Corley
While Costco is revered for its ability to save shoppers money, you won't be doing any favors for your wallet by buying the store's individually wrapped ground beef. Try asking the retailer's butcher for one specific product to ensure your weekly taco treat is not at risk.
A TikToker revealed that to get the most for your buck when buying ground beef at Costco, you should ask the butcher for a "10-pound chub." According to Epicurious, the grocer's "chub" is ground beef mixed with leftover trimmings of other meats like steak; compared to the store's smaller ground beef packages priced at $3.49 a pound, some locations offer "chubs" for $2.99 a pound.
Costco's "chub" can be up to 7% leaner than its regular ground beef, although it does not offer an organic option. While you might have to go out of your way to ask a butcher for the tube of meat, a few commenters stated that pre-packaged "chubs" are now available in the same section as the regular ground beef at some stores.