Olive Garden restaurant
Here's What The 'V' Indicates On Olive Garden Menus
By Elizabeth Thorn
Olive Garden's "V" symbol on its menu indicates that a particular dish is vegetarian, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's vegan — though some items are vegan-friendly.
Vegetarian cuisine foregoes meat and animal byproducts but typically includes dairy and eggs. However, veganism eschews all animal byproducts, including dairy, eggs, and honey.
Although Olive Garden's menu doesn't currently differentiate between the two, you can download a digital lineup of vegetarian and vegan menu items from the restaurant's website.
Some vegan options are minestrone, breadsticks, or spaghetti with marinara sauce. You can also ask for Olive Garden's house salad without croutons and dressing to make it vegan.
The next time you're dining at Olive Garden, try the chain's V-marked dishes to ensure a truly animal-friendly meal. You can always talk to a staff member if you're confused.