Exterior of an Olive Garden restaurant.
Here's What People Don't Realize About Olive Garden's Salad
By Kalea Martin
Olive Garden’s menu says that their famous salad is "tossed with our signature Italian dressing," but it fails to mention that other options are available.
On the restaurant's website, it appears you can swap the signature Italian dressing with a low-fat version of it, or simply oil and vinegar.
Olive Garden’s light Italian dressing has half of the calories and fat of the signature Italian, and it adds red bell pepper, lemon juice, and corn syrup to the mix.
Olive Garden also allows you to leave out the tomato, olives, onions, and pepperoncini. Additionally, you can order extra toppings at the table, like shrimp or grilled chicken.
Premium proteins are also available, including breaded and fried shrimp fritto and chicken parmigiana.