Halloween Jack o Lantern pail with bottom border of spilling candy over brown rustic wood
Here's What America Thinks Is The Best Halloween Candy
By Camryn Teder
Picking out candy for trick-or-treaters can be hard, as there are tons of different types and everyone has their preferences. With the cost of candy at an all-time high, no one wants to waste money on a candy no one will like — but luckily, statistics can help you determine what candy is most popular.
The bulk candy supplier Candystore.com used data from its sales in 2007-2021 to find out what candies are the most popular. The results of the data collection included a breakdown of not only America's most-ordered candy but the most popular Halloween candy in every state, too, so you can find your own state’s favorite through their data.
The overall king of candies for the entire United States is the iconic Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. While some states like Texas and Indiana prefer Starbursts, and New York has a special love for Sour Patch Kids, the chocolate-peanut butter combo reigns supreme and just may be the best choice for your candy bowl on Halloween.