Top view of lots of milk chocolate pieces
Here's The Difference Between Belgian And Swiss Chocolate
By Vedran Maslovara
According to Ashers Chocolate Co, one of the most significant debates in the culinary world is over which chocolate is better, Swiss or Belgian. While both European countries are famous for their version of the creamy cocoa treat, there are some notable differences between the two, and the answer to this dispute comes down to personal preference.
Switzerland has perfected the art of milk chocolate, using the process of conching — warming the chocolate as it passes through rolling pins of different shapes and sizes — for a creamy and smooth consistency. Belgian chocolate producers use emulsifiers for the same effect, though this method gives their treat a different flavor and texture.
Belgian chocolate also usually has a higher cocoa content, making it the ideal choice for fans of slightly bitter dark chocolate. For those who prefer creamy and milky chocolate, the Swiss iteration of the candy is your best option. As both Belgium and Switzerland are masters of making the cocoa treat, there really is no wrong answer to this debate.