CATANIA, ITALY - APRIL 06: Flour during bagging at the "Mulino Agricolo Etneo" obtained from the milling of ancient wheat grown by Claudio La Placa and Mauro Calvagna on April 06, 2022 in Catania, Italy. In Sicily there are people who grow wheat by hand and grind it with an old stone mill to produce refined flours from ancient grains. This is then supplied to artisanal bakers for bread making.  (Photo by Fabrizio Villa/Getty Images)
Here's The Best Way To Easily Store Your Giant Bag Of Flour
By Chase Shustack
Bags of flour, especially those larger 50-pound bags, aren't exactly easy to store given their weight and size. Some of the sensible options include storing them in air-tight containers or trying to stuff them in a cabinet or refrigerator, but if you want to be unconventional, you can store flour in a garbage can.
Believe it or not, a garbage bin is a great way to store a giant bag of flour since a fifty-pound bag of flour fits perfectly inside a 13-gallon trash can. However, don’t just dump all the flour into the can and scoop it out whenever you need some; instead, line the interior of the garbage can with plastic bags before sliding the bag of flour in.
While using a garbage can is a solid method for storing large quantities of flour, they aren’t designed to be “food safe” so it is imperative to make sure the bag or container the flour is in isn’t damaged. The garbage can will protect the flour from insects and damp conditions, but it's the bag that keeps the flour usable and safe to eat.