Here's How To Properly Store Unopened And Opened Vodka
By Gregory Lovvorn
You may have noticed that vodka almost always tastes better when served by a professional than at home. You might think this is due to the ambiance of your local bar or some special magic that professional bartenders have, but the truth is that it could simply be because of how you store your vodka.
Professional bartender and co-owner of Pouring Ribbons and Alchemy Consulting, Jason Cott, says that alcohol bottles (opened or not) should sit upright at room temperature, as chilled vodka doesn't react well in cocktails, and its aromatic and botanical flavors get lost. In contrast, Jonathan Hemi of Crystal Head Vodka says he prefers to keep his vodka in the freezer.
However, experts from Grey Goose recommend storing sealed vodka bottles slightly below room temperature or at temperatures you might find in a wine cellar. As for an open bottle of vodka, Grey Goose suggests keeping it in a refrigerator at temperatures between 32 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit (0-5 degrees Celsius) to preserve its flavor and potency by not letting it freeze.
That said, the point that all agree on is that, unlike wine, vodka should always be stored in an upright position, away from sunlight or any kind of heat. Heat can cause the spirit to oxidize, altering its flavor and making its alcohol content evaporate.