Here's How Long You Should Keep Butter In
The Freezer
By Crystal Antonace
Since it is necessary for so many different recipes, you may want to store some butter in your freezer for a rainy day. Let's take a look at the different methods of storing this useful fat and how long butter can last when frozen.
Butter can be refrigerated or kept in an air-sealed container for a few days, but freezing is recommended when you wish to keep your chilled butter longer than 14 days. Good Housekeeping says that butter will keep in the freezer for three months, but Healthline states that it depends on the type of butter you are freezing.
According to a butter maker at Minerva Dairy unsalted butter typically turns sour a full month before its salted cousin, while Undeniably Dairy claims that salted lasts four months longer than unsalted. You should freeze butter long before its expiration date, wrap it in parchment paper, foil, or polyethylene, and avoid exposing it to any outside air or sunlight.