Pineapple slices against a white background.
Have You Heard Of Pizza On Pineapple?
By Kelly Douglas
A creative but polarizing take on pineapple pizza is sending shockwaves through the internet, especially in the professional chef world.
A @foodnetwork TikTok video shows a thick slice of pineapple being topped with triangles of pepperoni pizza, and many are not fans.
Although the video doesn’t show anyone trying the pizza pineapple, it does show Alex Guarnaschelli shouting “No,” and Gabrielle Bertaccini saying, “I really can’t.”
There are all kinds of variations on pizza pineapple, and if you want to make one at home, TikTok has you covered.
According to TikTok, chop off a thick round of the fruit, and carve an indent in the middle of the slice. Top it with sauce, cheese, and other toppings.
Heat it in the oven until pineapple juice begins to leak from the base, and you’ll have your very own pizza made of your favorite fruit, which might be better than everyone thinks.