Kirkland Signature Vodka in a Kirkland Signature Vodka box.
Has Costco's Kirkland Signature Vodka Actually Been Grey Goose?
By Haldan Kirsch
Kirkland Signature alcohols are very high quality. This has led to the rumor that Kirkland Signature vodka is actually just relabelled Grey Goose.
In a statement, Grey Goose dispelled rumors that Kirkland Signature vodka is just relabeled Grey Goose, insisting they do not distill Costco’s vodka.
Some of these comparisons aren’t entirely accidental; the Kirkland bottle bears a strong resemblance to Grey Goose’s distinctly tall and slim design.
The Kirkland Signature vodka is also advertised as being distilled in France. Grey Goose is easily the country’s most famous, which draws a further comparison between the brands.
While Grey Goose does confirm that it gets its water from the same area as Kirkland’s distiller, Munchies points out that Grey Goose uses a private well for its water.
Grey Goose also sources only the finest-quality wheat for its vodka and only distills it a single time to preserve the wheat's flavor.
Kirkland Signature, on the other hand, isn’t clear about the source of its wheat. However, it does advertise that its vodka has been distilled five times for additional purity.
While the two seem to taste alike and even have a similar viscosity, Grey Goose vodka seems to have more character and a certain sweetness the Kirkland Signature brand lacks.

Still, Munchies notes former alcohol rating site Under the Label scored Kirkland Signature vodka higher than Grey Goose, which is impressive since Costco’s is one-third the price.