Grocery Outlet Bargain Market: The All-Clearance Grocery Chain That Will
Fight Inflation
By Elaina Friedman
The past couple of inflation-rife years has given way to all sorts of tips on how to save at the supermarket, including browsing sales and price-hopping between stores. However, the most straightforward solution is to shop at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market (affectionately known to some as “Gross-Out”), a store that offers steep discounts on overstocked and closeout foodstuffs.
Supermarkets only keep their shelves stocked with the freshest, most popular items, which means that nearly 30% of food in American grocery stores is destined for the trash. That's where Grocery Outlet steps in, taking items that don’t make it to traditional grocery stores, which makes it a great place to both save money and try new products.
Unfortunately, Grocery Outlet only graces seven states with its affordable offerings, but it still has an impressive 400 locations spread across them. It was originally founded by San Franciscan Jim Read in 1946 under the name Cannery Sales, and to this day lauds itself as "the nation's largest extreme value retailer."