Gordon Ramsay smiling
Gordon Ramsay's Trick To Making Perfectly 'Yolky' Soft-Boiled Eggs
By Haldan Kirsch
According to a TikTok posted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, the best way to make “yolky” soft-boiled eggs is to boil them gently, not ferociously.
In the video, Ramsay gently sets his eggs into a pot of boiling water with a spoon. He stresses that a gentle simmer for six minutes is all it takes for perfect soft-boiled eggs.
Boiling eggs at too high a heat will result in rubbery egg whites and a chalky yolk, marked by a black or green line called a “sulfur ring” that forms late in the cooking process.
Once the eggs are done simmering, Ramsay transfers them to a bowl of cold water to prevent the residual heat from cooking the eggs any further.
Next, Ramsay cracks each egg at the base and returns them to the cool water. After a minute, he removes the cracked base and blows into the shell before peeling the rest.