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Gordon Ramsay's Secret For Perfectly Minced Garlic
By Kimberley Laws
If anyone knows how to mince garlic, it's one of the culinary realm's most recognizable faces and the receiver of 16 Michelin Stars Gordon Ramsay. In his YouTube video entitled "50 Cooking Tips With Gordon Ramsay," the chef offers a brilliant way to finely chop garlic more efficiently, and apparently, it's all about adding salt.
Salt acts like an abrasive, which better enables you to quickly pull apart the garlic's fibers and also aids in crushing the garlic by wicking moisture away from it. Another handy garlic-prepping tip from Ramsay is a peeling trick in which you press down on the clove with the flat side of a knife separating the peel from the clove.
Other celebrity chefs, too, have offered tips for both garlic peeling and mincing over the years. While chef Ina Garten prefers grating garlic instead of mincing it, America's Test Kitchen suggests smashing each clove with the flat side of a knife, scooping the squashed cloves together in a bunch, and chopping them.