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Gordon Ramsay Loves American Shrimp And Grits — With One Quick Fix
By Heidi Chaya
Out of all the seafood breakfast dishes, shrimp and grits remains a favorite that falls into the any-time-of-day comfort food category. A dish made up of cheesy corn grits and jumbo shrimp, it originated in South Carolina and has since been riffed on around the world, and it’s even the favorite American dish of Gordon Ramsay.
When discussing his love for American shrimp and grits on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Ramsay was challenged to explain how it could be improved upon. Ramsay said he'd make it creamier by adding butter and grated Parmesan cheese and make it "look a bit sexy" through a strong presentation.
While shrimp and grits is a fairly simple preparation of protein, starch, broth, and toppings, there are endless combinations and, therefore, endless variations. Some other great additions include typically “southern” ingredients like greens, pimento cheese, ham, and barbecued meats, or you can opt for more cosmopolitan additions like gouda, chipotle peppers, salsa, and coconut.