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Gordon Ramsay Hates The Wagyu Beef Trend For One Specific Reason
By Nick Johnson
Wagyu beef is cut from Japanese Wagyu cattle, and its deep marbling makes eating the luxury beef a flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth experience. As a perfectly seared and expertly seasoned steak has long been associated with decadent dining experiences, the contemporary Wagyu beef trend perturbs celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.
One of the worst Wagyu offenders, at least in Ramsay's eyes, is a TikToker that goes by the handle @realguga, who experimented with deep frying wagyu steak and coating the expensive meat in a thick layer of Nutella. These actions prompted Ramsay to stitch a vitriolic response on his official TikTok account, calling the creator's chosen method of cooking criminal.
Ramsay doesn't have an issue with wagyu beef, but he does not love it when someone cooks a quality cut of steak in a manner that he deems disrespectful. Wagyu needs to be aged for its flavors to develop fully, and Ramsay feels that seemingly every restaurant has added a Wagyu steak to its menu without preserving their Wagyu properly.