Gordon Ramsay holding a bottle of alcohol.
Gordon Ramsay Can't Stand The Culinary Foam Trend (But Still Sells It At His Restaurant)
By Arianna Endicott
In a 2018 interview with Pop Sugar, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was asked about his least favorite food trends, and at the top of his list was culinary foam.
Culinary foams start with a base — like chicken stock, fruit juice, or carrot puree — that is then combined with a binding agent, like gelatin, agar, or lecithin.
However, soon after Ramsay voiced his dislike for foams, the interviewer highlighted that his Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas sold a dish with a foam topping at the time.
After being reminded of his pineapple carpaccio dessert with coconut-flavored sorbet, coriander, passionfruit, and citrus foam, Ramsay clarified, "That was a dessert foam."
He said he doesn’t necessarily detest sweet foams, but his dislike pertains more to savory flavors. He noted that he once tried a bone marrow foam, which "was not very good."