Flying crispy potato chips isolated on white background
Go Ahead, Freeze Your Potato Chips And Thank Us Later
By Crystal Antonace
When potato chips first came on the scene, they were difficult to store and freshness was at stake, but all that changed in 1958 when plastic aluminum bags took hold. When it comes to preserving an opened bag of chips, you might want to freeze it to keep your favorite potato-based snacks as fresh as possible.
A standard unopened bag of potato chips can last up to three weeks beyond their expiration date, but storing it in the freezer can exceed that time frame. When commercialized chips are made, most of the moisture from potatoes is removed, so you don't run any risk of making your chips limp or soggy.
Storing them in the freezer not only extends their shelf life but makes them a tad crispier. If you don't love the sound of ice-cold chips, just remember to remove them from the freezer for a short while before digging in.