Raw salmon cubes falling in the mid-air
Give Your Salmon A Crispy Upgrade By Cooking It
In Cubes
By Carly Weaver
Plenty of foods can be cut up into cubes and roasted, pan-seared, or sauteed for ideal bite-sized enjoyment, and that includes fish. When it comes to salmon, if you long for that sweet spot of perfectly crispy on the outside, while perfectly soft and tender on the inside, cubes are the way to go.
Some prefer to keep the skin on the salmon, but most slice it off by making a small, angled slit on the tail end of the fish to create a flap. Next, hold the flap while you slice through the flesh to remove the skin, and then you can cut it all up into cubes.
The key is to cook the cubed salmon quickly, and at very high heat to achieve a firm outer flesh with an interior that is cooked just enough so that the fish is flaky, tender, and nowhere near overdone. From there you can pan-sear them for two minutes on each side, air fry them for five to six minutes, or roast them on high heat in the oven for about 10 minutes, per Babaganosh.