A rolled out piece of dough with flour on a baking sheet. One of the steps in the preparation of homemade apple Strüdel, a traditional dessert from South Tyrol, made with layered pastry dough filled with apples and raisins, on a marble table in a domestic kitchen in Italy
Get Perfectly Round Pastry Dough With An Unexpected Kitchen Tool
By Chase Shustack
If you've ever been annoyed about spending too much time rolling out dough, a tortilla press can flatten your dough into round shapes without a rolling pin.
Simply sandwich a ball of dough between two pieces of parchment paper and put it in the tortilla press. For best results, divide your dough into equal portions for perfect circles.
Once the dough is in the machine, close the lid and press down. After a few seconds, the dough will be perfectly flat and spread into an even, round shape.
Avoid cramming the whole mound of dough into the press at once, as it would make a mess and gum up the tortilla maker due to the excess dough.
Try this method to make mini pies, pizzas, or other small pastries. It will save you time from pressing out the dough or cutting out shapes.