Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - April 5, 2013: Storefront of Costco Wholesale. Costco Wholesale operates an international chain of membership warehouses, carrying brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices.
Get Costco Cookie Dough At A Low Price With
This Hack
By Nick Johnson
Everyone knows the dangers of eating raw cookie dough, but Costco’s massive and pre-portioned cookie dough packages might have you risking it all.
Those who can afford the modest cost of a Costco membership should have no problem spending the $22.99 fee for a 120-cookie box of Kirkland Signature dough.
As TikTok user @piinktoks explains in her video, you only have to ask one of the company's baked goods specialists to get you a box.
It all depends on location, as some bakeries can’t dole out bulk dough. You can also get your cookie dough fix at a Costco Business Center, where cookie dough boxes are sold.