painting of George Washington surveying land.
George Washington's Favorite Food Is One Of The Easiest Cakes To Make
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
When he wasn't out fighting the British, George Washington loved a touch of good old-fashioned Southern cooking, and one of his favorite Southern dishes was hoecakes.
These cakes are made with three easy ingredients: cornmeal, water, and salt. After whipping up the batter, the cakes are fried and served on a steaming platter.
While traditional fried cornbread hoecakes can be made with those ingredients, the recipe George Washington liked also included eggs and yeast.
Similar to today's version of pancakes, Washington would often douse his hoecakes in honey and butter and pair them with a good cup of tea.
Hoecakes got its name from the way it was cooked. Hundreds of years ago, these cakes were cooked on the flat part of a hoe over an open fire.
This method was mostly used by enslaved people who didn't have any more conventional cooking tools, and over time people began referring to them as hoecakes.