froot loops in cereal
Fruity Cereal Is All You Need For Easily Decorated Cakes
By Crystal Antonace
If you want to keep things fun, cost-effective, and simple when decorating your next cake, use fruity cereal to add a colorful, nostalgic touch.
Apart from simply sprinkling cereal pieces on top of your cake, create rainbow layers or personalized patterns, securing them while the frosting is still wet to stay in place.
For instance, start by adding a row of red loops followed by orange, yellow, and so on until you complete the rainbow. You could also make a checkerboard pattern or zig-zag lines.
Chef Christina Tosi suggests adding confetti cake crumbs for a sandy, sweet texture. Try replacing the rainbow sprinkles with pulverized fruity cereal.
You can also soak Fruity Pebbles in milk for 20 minutes, strain the cereal, and use the sweetened milk in homemade buttercream for an extra burst of cereal flavor.