Honey pot and dripping honey with wooden spoon.
Frozen Honey Jelly Is A Cool Summer Treat That's Almost Too Simple To Make
By David Tran
Instead of cooling off this summer with ice cream or popsicles, try frozen honey jelly — the easy-to-make, sugary snack that's gone viral on TikTok.
As demonstrated in a Tik Tok video, all you have to do to make frozen honey jelly is add honey into a small plastic bottle or any container of your choice that is easy to squeeze.
Freeze the bottle for a couple of hours. As it solidifies, the honey surprisingly turns jelly-like, and when you take it out, you are left with honey jelly that is easy to slurp.
Freezing honey slows down its crystallization and reduces its viscosity, modifying its texture when freezing without turning solid.
TikTok users have created their own version of the snack, incorporating additional ingredients like Jell-O powder or Kool-Aid drink mix for a touch of flavor.
One TikTok user shared a vegan-friendly version of frozen honey jelly with date syrup in place of honey and fruit punch mix for an extra hint of sweetness.